A collaboration between various purveyors of the dark arts and Knockturn Alley's Borgin and Burkes, the dark artifact exchange is an clandestine trade organization serving dark wix and others interested in the dark arts under the radar of the Ministry of Magic, MACUSA, and other wizarding governance organizations.

All transactions are to be kept secret, booked through destructible parchment and parchment books and either delivered or picked up through various dead drops throughout wizarding London or available through associates with Bourgin and Burkes - all in an effort to ensure the Ministry of Magic and their various departments do not interfere with business.

Feel free to peruse the available artifacts for sale and, if so inclined, provide your own utilizing the repective parchments found to the right.

For those who wish to purchase artifacts, please fill out a parchment with the necessary information for delivery. Deliveries will be made to nearby dead drop locations throughout wizarding London or can be picked up at Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley as orders are processed. All sales are final.

For those who wish to sell artifacts, please fill out a parchment with the necessary information. Items will be picked up at various dead drop locations throughout wizarding London or can be dropped off at Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley. Items will be put on sale as soon as inventory can be processed.


The eye and hand of a lich betrayed by his once-lieutenant, they are said to contain only a portion of the lich's power as the only two existing pieces. Between the two, they grant the user access to such magics so long as the pieces remain grafted to the user's body.
 read more abilities The eye grants the user superior sight at the cost of one of their own eyes, to be removed so the lich's eye can graft itself into the empty socket. The user can then see through illusions, solid objects, in complete darkness, and, with a focus in Divination, their own future.

The hand grants the user superior strength, and its deadly touch freezes creatures. With a focus in Necromancy, the hand can amplify those spells aligned with draining the lifeforce of others. Provided the user can figure out the various hand gestures required, its users can cast a variety of sometimes deadly arcane spells - all at the cost of their own limb.

curse Using one, either or both of the lich's parts will gradually turn the user towards evil, eventually exhibiting the lich's personality and leading the user to believe they are the lich. Eventually, it will corrupt them completely if not removed. Historically, the powers will fail the user at the time of their most need.

destruction The eye and hand cannot be destroyed by normal means, often requiring cosmic influence to do so.

By all appearances, there is nothing special about these manacles. They cast in iron, chained, do exactly what they're expected to do, but with the added surety that one wearing said manacles will be unable to perform any magic or cast any spell while they are wearing them.
 read more abilities The manacles are primarily used to ensure those locked within are unable to use magic of any form, which is particularly helpful with those wix inclined to wandless magic.

destruction Though the destruction of the manacles is unknown, perhaps requiring fire of significant heat to melt the metal back down, to remove the manacles requires a specific incantation to unlock, often chosen by the individual wielding the manacles against someone else.

Much like the Black Quill, the Bloodletter Quill allows the user to write anything, edit any spell or pen any parchment, using the user's own blood as the ink. It can be used as many times as one likes - so long as they have the blood for it.

 read more abilitiesThe Bloodletter Quill allows the user to rewrite any spell, regardless of if they were the original founder or not, at the cost of their own blood.

curse Use of the quill requires the quill to slowly drain the blood and, by extension, stamina and lifeforce of the user. While it can be used numerous times, as many as one could want, it eventually takes a toll on the user's health and well-being.

destruction Though the destruction of the quill is unknown, the effects of it can be reversed by destroying the pages that had been penned with said quill, most commonly by ripping the pages out of said book, tome, journal, parchment book, etc. and destroying them.

Belonging once to an advisor of pureblood origin, this face mask honeyed words and hid her burnt features, making her a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, a withering jealous was born within her versus those more beautiful and she took to carving her victims' faces with a knife.

 read more abilities While wearing the mask, one is presented as the most beautiful being they have ever been while giving the user the ability to mimic any voice they desire to. Only those who are attacked by the compulsions of the veil can see the mask's cracked visage for what it really is.

curse Once you put on the mask, you cannot remove it unless it is interfereced with by a cursebreaker. Until then, the mask will compel you to attack those who have considerable charisma by damaging their face in particular.

destruction The destruction of such an artifact is currently unknown. However, those that survive any attack are unable to be attacked again, able to see the mask for what it truely is.
cursed mask

It is said due to the cruel and vile nature of hags that they are heartless creatures and, at the moment of its creation, the hag rejects it's own hear from it's body and carries around a vestige of this organ with her. They harbor mysterious power, unique to the hag that carried it.

 read more abilities Depending on the hag it was taken from, heartstones allow for a variety of magical abilities. An annis hag heartstone will provide additional strength and resistance to physical attack; a green hag heartstone will allow invisibility for a short period of time without any spell components necessary; a nighthag heartstone will allow you to cast sleep spells for a short period of time; and a sea hag heartstone will allow your swimming speed to increase as well as the ability to breath both air and underwater.

destruction It is unknown whether or not a hag's heartstone can be destroyed. It is of note, however, that hagspawn looking for the opportunity to become fully developed hags will attempt to track down and steal these hearts for the power they contain, making them dangerous to own and even more dangerous to own in multiple amounts.

A feline-shaped stone with jewel-incrusted eyes that masquerades as a totem of good luck, the Stone of Ill Luck is like carrying a black cat in one's own pocket - at least as far as No-Maj superstitiongoes of such goes. Unfortunately, when carried, everything goes wrong.

 read more abilities This really doesn't give anyone anything special.

abilities It is impossible to get rid of until the curse is broken by a Cursebreaker. Until then, the holder is plagued with bad luck.

destruction It is unknown whether or not the stone can be destroyed.
cursed talisman

Feel free to use this for whatever you'd like - be it simply artifact collection or side plots or as an example for your own artifact ventures! Orders are processed on a first come, first serve basis, but be sure to check back just in case someone "sells" it back! If there are any questions, please feel free to direct them to acidulous!